Thursday, September 1, 2016


As a family we are starting to enjoy weekend get-a-ways. For us that means heading somewhere about one hour away for one or two nights. We do an activity and hang out at a condo/hotel for swimming, eating, and watching movies. We hope to make it a tradition of the O'Neals. It gets us away from the house and our many list of things to do.

Memorial Day Weekend

Hiking is a great way for us to get-a-way and enjoy the beauty of our world.

Less stress, more fun, right. Yes...until Monday.

"Everett, can you make sure Greyson doesn't run out the door while we gather up our things?" We are checking out of the hotel. He did pretty good but let a small part of Greyson's thumb out.
Finger slammed in door. OCh!
No thumb nail and here we are ending our weekend get-a-way in the emergency room.

Put to sleep and stitched up. Lucky for no broken bones. I  have a feeling this kid is like his Dad. (Always injured.)

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