Sunday, September 3, 2017

Welcome baby O'Neal

Maria Pearl O'Neal
Born August 6, 2017
8lbs 4oz 19 inches

She is our little angel. So patient and calm. We all adore holding her and giving kisses.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Greyson is 3!


You are my boy that lights the room with your smile. Daddy and Everett are your heros, (please don't leave him out because he thinks he's older then 3.) We love his energy and excitement for life. Greyson does things on his own schedule but when he decides to do it he does it perfectly. He is our little family protector. Watching out for all family members. Such a smart boy for 3!

He loves:
  • Oreos
  • peanut butter and honey sandwiches
  • go go yogurt
  • playing with Everett
  • playing basketball
  • going to the babysitting at Gold's gym and Home Depot
  • playing with friends
We wish him a Happy Birthday today. Every year it gets more and more fun to watch him grow.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I am American!

It only took over 10 years, lots of $$$, and paperwork. It was not a fun process that soon I procrastinated until. .  . one day I lost my wallet which had my green card inside. To this day my wallet and green card cannot be found. It's a mystery that will always puzzle me.

I do believe there is a positive to every trial. My horrible misplacement of my wallet and all valuables inside led me to this day which otherwise would of been still in the future. My wallet has downsized more then half and I am AMERICAN and CANADIAN. Two best countries in the world and I can reside in either as a citizen. What a blessing.


All who supported me on this day.

Also, a big thanks to Teri our good friend whom filed all our paperwork and lead us step by step through the process. She made the process that much smoother.

Through this process there were many ups and downs but one thing I learned is the importance of commitment to the place you live. That you give support, understand the system, and be involved. We all want to live in a free place and it's the people that get us there. 

Thursday, September 1, 2016


As a family we are starting to enjoy weekend get-a-ways. For us that means heading somewhere about one hour away for one or two nights. We do an activity and hang out at a condo/hotel for swimming, eating, and watching movies. We hope to make it a tradition of the O'Neals. It gets us away from the house and our many list of things to do.

Memorial Day Weekend

Hiking is a great way for us to get-a-way and enjoy the beauty of our world.

Less stress, more fun, right. Yes...until Monday.

"Everett, can you make sure Greyson doesn't run out the door while we gather up our things?" We are checking out of the hotel. He did pretty good but let a small part of Greyson's thumb out.
Finger slammed in door. OCh!
No thumb nail and here we are ending our weekend get-a-way in the emergency room.

Put to sleep and stitched up. Lucky for no broken bones. I  have a feeling this kid is like his Dad. (Always injured.)

Monday, May 2, 2016

My 5 year old boy's imagination...

 As we were eating lunch today this beautiful boy decided to tell me a recipe he invented for a new kind of sandwich. Oh the things this boy creates in his mind.

Gummy Worm Sandwich

 What you need:
  • the world's largest gummy worm, (Bought at the candy store called Sweets.)
  • bread
  • 4 packs of Oreos

"You take the cream off all Oreos and put them in a big giant bag. Put them on my bed. Jump on them till they mash up to Oreo dirt. Taste all flavors of world's largest gummy worm. Take the Oreo cream put it on toast. Take mashed Oreos on to toast and smooth it out. Put the world's largest gummy worm on top. Cut it in half and flip it over and cut it in half in the middle. Taste it, you won't taste the toast."

The joys of being a Mom!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

So much more then GLITTER SLIME

10 Full days of vacation. . .

Just for me. Sean-Paul never fails to give me amazing gifts. Not only do I have dreams of traveling and vacationing to see the world, I am living a dream right now, raising my own flesh and blood. This makes traveling/vacationing difficult. Here I am in less then three years back from Mexico, Hawaii, Park City, Idaho, Lake Louise, and Moab. Pretty good for a Mom of little ones.

Lake Louise
Hawaii was my most recent vacation with my Mom. Christmas gift from my hubby! It was an amazing break from life and I came back renewed to be a better Mother and wife. Also a renewed love for the ocean and island life. "sigh"

When I came back it was spring break for the kiddos. Right back into Motherhood or maybe not exactly. I wanted to enjoy my kids this week, no schedule, just me and my kids. While I was in Hawaii I read "Heaven is Here". A book about a Mother who survived a terrible plane crash. It helped me realize the precious gifts I have been given and to take time to enjoy every part of life because life in itself is a blessing and I am the luckiest women to be living it with Sean-Paul O'Neal.

I made up my mind to let the kids decide what they wanted to do each day of their spring break. Of course, my guidance helped us make our final decisions. I reminded them we had passes to Discovery Gateway and Hoogle Zoo. Cozy was itching to do an art project which I, for one, was not. She watches YouTube videos (Hobby Kids) on kids crafts with her spare time. She had her eye on making glitter slime. I reluctantly said yes. Turned out to be fun!

This was one way we enjoyed spending time together. Cosette and Everett played with the slime for hours.I will always use this activity as a reminder to enjoy life with my kids in the here and now. They want to have fun with YOU!

Friday, October 9, 2015


To My Wonderful Husband!

You are 36 today and I just want to tell you 36 reasons why I'm thrilled to have spent over 10 of those years with you!

  1. kind to everyone you know
  2. never thinking of yourself
  3. motivated
  4. physically strong
  5. happy
  6. always moving (like me)
  7. wonderful father
  8. great intuition
  9. concerned about my feelings always
  10. athletic
  11. career minded
  12. great conversationalist
  13. you know how to let go
  14. hard working
  15. you are great at playing with kids
  16. you pay attention to detail
  17. talented at new things you try
  18. loving eyes
  19. money saver when purchasing
  20. great muscles
  21. creative
  22. you are my Mr. fixer no matter what
  23. spiritual
  24. you are great with teenagers
  25. honest no matter the cost
  26. you look handsome with a beard
  27. best milkshake maker
  28. great at the BBQ
  29. you are always involved with the kids and I
  30. good dresser
  31. my food critique
  32. great a public speaking
  33. great street sense
  34. very romantic
  35. you speak your mind and...
  36. your forever mine