Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I am American!

It only took over 10 years, lots of $$$, and paperwork. It was not a fun process that soon I procrastinated until. .  . one day I lost my wallet which had my green card inside. To this day my wallet and green card cannot be found. It's a mystery that will always puzzle me.

I do believe there is a positive to every trial. My horrible misplacement of my wallet and all valuables inside led me to this day which otherwise would of been still in the future. My wallet has downsized more then half and I am AMERICAN and CANADIAN. Two best countries in the world and I can reside in either as a citizen. What a blessing.


All who supported me on this day.

Also, a big thanks to Teri our good friend whom filed all our paperwork and lead us step by step through the process. She made the process that much smoother.

Through this process there were many ups and downs but one thing I learned is the importance of commitment to the place you live. That you give support, understand the system, and be involved. We all want to live in a free place and it's the people that get us there. 

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