Monday, May 2, 2016

My 5 year old boy's imagination...

 As we were eating lunch today this beautiful boy decided to tell me a recipe he invented for a new kind of sandwich. Oh the things this boy creates in his mind.

Gummy Worm Sandwich

 What you need:
  • the world's largest gummy worm, (Bought at the candy store called Sweets.)
  • bread
  • 4 packs of Oreos

"You take the cream off all Oreos and put them in a big giant bag. Put them on my bed. Jump on them till they mash up to Oreo dirt. Taste all flavors of world's largest gummy worm. Take the Oreo cream put it on toast. Take mashed Oreos on to toast and smooth it out. Put the world's largest gummy worm on top. Cut it in half and flip it over and cut it in half in the middle. Taste it, you won't taste the toast."

The joys of being a Mom!

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