Wednesday, April 27, 2016

So much more then GLITTER SLIME

10 Full days of vacation. . .

Just for me. Sean-Paul never fails to give me amazing gifts. Not only do I have dreams of traveling and vacationing to see the world, I am living a dream right now, raising my own flesh and blood. This makes traveling/vacationing difficult. Here I am in less then three years back from Mexico, Hawaii, Park City, Idaho, Lake Louise, and Moab. Pretty good for a Mom of little ones.

Lake Louise
Hawaii was my most recent vacation with my Mom. Christmas gift from my hubby! It was an amazing break from life and I came back renewed to be a better Mother and wife. Also a renewed love for the ocean and island life. "sigh"

When I came back it was spring break for the kiddos. Right back into Motherhood or maybe not exactly. I wanted to enjoy my kids this week, no schedule, just me and my kids. While I was in Hawaii I read "Heaven is Here". A book about a Mother who survived a terrible plane crash. It helped me realize the precious gifts I have been given and to take time to enjoy every part of life because life in itself is a blessing and I am the luckiest women to be living it with Sean-Paul O'Neal.

I made up my mind to let the kids decide what they wanted to do each day of their spring break. Of course, my guidance helped us make our final decisions. I reminded them we had passes to Discovery Gateway and Hoogle Zoo. Cozy was itching to do an art project which I, for one, was not. She watches YouTube videos (Hobby Kids) on kids crafts with her spare time. She had her eye on making glitter slime. I reluctantly said yes. Turned out to be fun!

This was one way we enjoyed spending time together. Cosette and Everett played with the slime for hours.I will always use this activity as a reminder to enjoy life with my kids in the here and now. They want to have fun with YOU!

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