Friday, October 9, 2015


To My Wonderful Husband!

You are 36 today and I just want to tell you 36 reasons why I'm thrilled to have spent over 10 of those years with you!

  1. kind to everyone you know
  2. never thinking of yourself
  3. motivated
  4. physically strong
  5. happy
  6. always moving (like me)
  7. wonderful father
  8. great intuition
  9. concerned about my feelings always
  10. athletic
  11. career minded
  12. great conversationalist
  13. you know how to let go
  14. hard working
  15. you are great at playing with kids
  16. you pay attention to detail
  17. talented at new things you try
  18. loving eyes
  19. money saver when purchasing
  20. great muscles
  21. creative
  22. you are my Mr. fixer no matter what
  23. spiritual
  24. you are great with teenagers
  25. honest no matter the cost
  26. you look handsome with a beard
  27. best milkshake maker
  28. great at the BBQ
  29. you are always involved with the kids and I
  30. good dresser
  31. my food critique
  32. great a public speaking
  33. great street sense
  34. very romantic
  35. you speak your mind and...
  36. your forever mine


  1. Sorry, but I have to take issue and challenge your claim that he is the best milkshake maker. PHO