Sunday, August 24, 2014

Welcome Greyson:

Greyson has been a wonderful blessing to our family. One of the greatest joys is for my husband and I to watch Cosette and Everett interact with their baby brother. Since they are so close in age we haven't really experienced "the baby of our family yet" but it's been wonderful.

COSETTE:  is the second Mommy. She is naturally in tune with Motherhood and is so willing to help in any way capable. She tells me every day how cute her little brother is.

EVERETT:  is so excited to play with his little brother. He thinks Greyson's face expressions are so funny, He is always trying to make him laugh.

It is always time consuming and tiring to Mother and Father of a new born baby but watching him grow and develop into himself is worth all the sleepless nights. Especially for that smile...

Greyson is an active wiggle baby. He is very alert and  loves to sleep on his tummy. We love our little Everett look alike and look forward to our future with him.

Pop Quiz: which picture is Greyson?

Picture 1                                         Picture 2

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