Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Everybody Needs a Vacation

Mexico, Puerto Vallarta

Life is, work, and every day obligations can push special life experiences aside. There is something renewing about yourself and life when you get away. For us this get-a-way was rejuvenating because everything we did, saw, and even the people we encountered were completely different from our life back in Utah. Not to mention the ocean, sun, and humidity that warmed and softened us inside and out from a long dry winter.

Puerto Vallarta was a relaxing vacation but it also let us experience how different people live around the world. The local people in Puerto Vallarta are very friendly and love to make small talk with you even if there is a language barrier. They live life at a slower pace with lower expectations on material things and cleanliness. We saw this as we toured the city and experienced their way of life. Our eyes were opened to poverty that was the normal way of life. This got me contemplating how focused we are at home on having nice things and how lucky we are to be in such comfort and safety.

Those of you who have been to third world countries understand their retail industry. Mexican's will develop a talent and sell it to tourists. (Like clothes and different kinds of art.) They are very pushy sales people but there is always room to negotiate on price. We cut more then half the price off our henna tattoos while suntanning on the beach.

The fun thing about staying in a tourist town is the excursions (different activities). The locals take pride in entertaining you through a variety of different activities and entertainment. Yes, they are good at it!

Four Wheeling! This was our favorite. Through the city, up the mountain and at the top was a restaurant with great Mexican food.

I regret not taking more pictures of how Puerto Vallarta looked. You can see by the pictures above that they construct their roads by placing stones into the cement. It made for a very bumpy ride on the four wheelers and in a vehicle/bus. If you look closely you may get a glimpse of what some of the buildings look like. Right before this excursion we stopped on the side of the street and bought a pineapple for a snack. They cut it up right there for us. Oh how juicy and satisfying it was, nothing like back home. Sean-Paul was walking down memory lane as he mentioned to me how much that felt like the Philippines because of how often they would eat fruit, that way, for a snack. One day we will venture to the Philippines together that way he can really reminisce his mission.

Ahh...the love birds. To keep your marriage strong it's important to rekindle your love. We did this a lot in Mexico but on one occasion we decided to cruise on a boat while the sun set. Then on the out skirts of Puerto Vallarta we enjoyed a cultural show, and a romantic dinner on the beach. What a perfect date, eh!

The funny thing is we were going to miss out on this romantic evening because our last experience on a boat was awful. Well, it was no good for me.

Right side: before we set sail. Left side: made it to the island
A couple days earlier when we cruised over to an island and spent the majority of the day at sea. Oh, was I sea sick not to mention pregnant to. I will never forget that sea sick feeling. By the end of the day I was dehydrated, starving, tired, and couldn't wait for my stomach and body to come back to land. I love land!

These are the Dolphins we swam with...up close and personal.

 Of course, we had to do the little kid version of the activity due to our little Greyson living inside me. Dolphins are such smooth, obedient, and friendly animals. What a neat experience to be so close to them.

I have to admit that missing my kids was not an issue on this trip. I did wish for them to experience this with us. Some things are just more fun with your kids...

and some this are more fun with out your kids, like eating. ;)

The best part of Mexico!

The Mexican food and Pina Coladas were so good. I think we had chips with salsa and guacamole everyday and never got tired of it.

There were many different experiences and adventures we did in our week at Mexico. It was hard to only share a few. Our resort was Mexican style with an ocean view that was amazing. We engaged in lots of conversations with locals who didn't speak English, from waiting at the bus stop to taxi drivers and people on the streets. We learned the bus system and took it faithfully even though it made me sick. ;)

Botanical Gardens

I fell in-love with all the wild flowers that grew so rapidly there and the sound of the ocean that filled our room every day. How I miss that. We also can't forget the beautiful sunsets that came faithfully every night.
This was taken from our resort.

I loved experiencing their way of life and relaxing with my most favorite person in the world while my kids were safe at home with my parents. It was truly a vacation in every way.

Thanks for the Christmas present babe!!!
Work-out on the beach!

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  1. Lovely Jennifer, I love the collage you did of you and the flowers.
    Great memories