Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Am My Own Person!

Today's process of getting dressed:
    • Cozy picks out the purple tank top. (That's all she wanted to wear)
    • Mom tries to convince her to put a dress with sleeves over top.
    • We ended up with a no-sleeve dress.
    • Mom tries to convince her to put leg warmers on. (baby legs)
    • Cozy has a melt down about the color and how high they should sit on her leg. 
    • We end up with all colors of the baby legs on the floor and nothing on her legs.
    • Mom comes back after 10 minutes and convinces her to put the purple ones on.
    • Finished getting dressed half hour later. . .which doesn't include a hair due.
    • Don't worry Cozy has a solution. . . her summer hat.
    • Mom now has to take a picture.

We usually have some sort of disagreement when it's time to get dressed in the morning. On this paticular day the disagreement wasn't resolving itself. With no clean pants and a two year old that is emotional stubborn and independent, this is the outfit we came up with. Yes, it's the middles of January and thank goodness I wasn't planning on going anywhere that day. 

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  1. this is great to read! probs noot so great dealing with it lol.