Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Joy in Preparing a Thanksgiving Feast

Here I am hosting and preparing an American Thanksgiving dinner! If it's not odd that a Canadian is the reason all the O'Neal's (Americans) are getting together, to celebrate this holiday, then you will find it odd that my excitement and complete joy is making the center piece on the table.

Aaaawwwww. . . take a deep breath and enjoy! I love it!!! This is so relaxing to me. I used an old glass dish, bought some popori to fill it with. Then I took two small white bowls to hold the candle. (Two to give it height.) I arranged the popori around the candle to my liking. Then placed it on top of these two adorable leaf place mats (I bought) and WA LA! Life is good when you have something beautiful to look at.


  1. Jen! It's SOOO pretty! You're just so good @ centrepieces! Like the Christmas one you made for your mom. You need to help me make mine when we're in a house.

  2. It was wonderful Jen! You are such an amazing hostess! The table was BEAUTIFUL!