Sunday, November 21, 2010


a long effortless run
baking cookies on a rainy day
a long hug from someone you love
hot tea before retiring for bed
getting rid of clutter
the melody of rain drops on your bedroom window
singing in the shower
singing in the car
a kiss on the check
a piece of dark chocolate
the sound of autumn leaves under you feet as you walk/run
the first warmth of the sun after a long winter
freshly fallen snow
the swooshing sound of the basketball net after your perfect shoot
the smell of popcorn
feeling your lovers bare skin against yours
cold water on a hot day
a hot bath when your sick
clean sheets on your bed
laughing so hard your stomach hurts
the sweet feeling of helping someone in need
completing the project
beautifying your home
having the spirit testify to you of the savior
a back scratch in sacrament meeting
the security you feel when holding hands with the one you love
hugs and kisses from your babies
the anticipation of something exciting
the first smile
knowing your family is yours forever

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