Monday, October 25, 2010

Still a Romancer

To my hubby who sent me these beautiful roses:

So many people loose their romance as time goes on. I married a man who is still courting me by sweeping me off my feet with surprise flowers. Oh, how I appreciate his hard work for our family and then. . . he still makes time to make me feel like a special woman.

Love your wife

My hubby suggested I try using some of the different features my came
ra offers. This picture above is taken with the macro option. The picture below is taken using one of the color options.


"It is this intangible thing love, love in many forms, which enters into every therapeutic relationship. It is an element of which the physician may be the carrier, the vessel. And it is an element which comforts and restores, which works what we have to call, for now, miracles."
  • Karl Menninger

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