Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Good and Bad Days

Do you ever have moments as a Mom that make you so angry or frustrated? After it passes you look back at the situation and find it comical enough that a camera was needed to capture the moment that you'll never get back. This is what happened to me...

A couple weeks ago we were at Memory Groove (a Utah park downtown) riding bikes and visiting with a friend. All the kids had to go potty, of course. The bathrooms were still locked for the season. (Never could understand why they don't open them at the beginning of March. Isn't that when people usually come out of inside hibernation?) I took them up in the trees and had them pee in nature. When you gotta go you gotta go.;) The next week while at home Cozy and Everett were playing in the backyard. Everett came inside and proceeded to tell me he had poo on his shoe. I almost brushed him off thinking it was mud or something. Then I had a second thought and decided to check his pants in which it was smeared on his underwear from no wiping. I soon realized it was all over the picnic table and grass. I hope I'm not the only Mom who would freak out. We had a good talk and cleaned everything up. That was the end of that... we moved on... almost.

The very next day Cozy and Everett were playing next door with their friend. My neighbors across the street came over to give me some plants. I followed him and his son to the backyard where I wanted him to put the plants. As we turned the corner (this is where a camera was needed) there they were. All three kids lined up by the fence with their pants down. Aah! Freaking out again and embarrassed that my neighbor and his eight year old son witnessed this. Obviously, my lesson the other day did not stick. They were continuing to use the backyard as a toilet. The challenge for me is teaching my kids when it's okay to go potty outside and that only includes pee-pee.

Bad new for the good.

There is a handful of Mother's in my neighborhood and together we rotate houses in attempt to accomplish a preschool where they can learn the basics; their names, letter, colors, and numbers. When I picked Cozy up from preschool this week her teacher was excited to show me the above picture. She had written her name all by herself with no help! What a proud Mommy I am. They have been tracing their names all year and can see that it has taught her something.

Hmm the good moments. Soak them in.


  1. Aaawwww! Jen I just saw this post!
    That is too funny about the outside potty time! I would be mortified! That's so awesome that Cozy can write her name! So proud of her!

  2. AAWWW Jen, what a experience, Mother's get it all!
    Kids take everything literally!. Chalk it up for experience, and in the years to come you will have many good laughs.
    Tell Cozy Grandma's real proud of her!