Friday, October 21, 2011

Took a Turn for the Worst

We had been looking forward to vacation for a long time. Sean-Paul and I decided we would get up early on Saturday morning (4:00am) for a good start on our way to California. Here are the serious of events:

  1. 4:30am van overheats. Put antifreeze in the van. Continue on.
  2. 5:30am van starts shaking. Stop and check air in tires. Continue on.
  3. 5:45am van is still shaking. Getting worse. Pull over to search for a tire shop.
  4. 7:00am arrive at Big O Tires in Spanish Fork.
  5. Verdict is bubbled tires.
  6. 7:30am and $700.00 later, off to California with brand new tires.
  7. 9:00am van looses power up a hill, overheats, and we coast off to the nearest exit.
  8. 10:00am towed back to Fillmore, UT.
  9. Verdict is van has a blown head gasket.
  10. Verdict is to leave van and take a rental car back home to get our Elantra.
  11. 12:00pm changed our verdict and took the rental car on vacation. 

We left on our vacation with plenty of money and a happy family on the way to California:

We came back from a great vacation! But. . .with $4000.00 towards a new motor in our van and $700.00 for new tires. Our van was towed back to Spanish Fork to be fixed while we were on vacation and wasn't ready yet. When we returned back to Utah the rental car needed to be back in Filmore so this is how we get home?

This is what Big O Tires gave us to drive. Awesome, Yes, but great customer service.

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