Sunday, May 29, 2011

Game Night

What do married people do on the weekend?

We get together and play games. One of our favorites is Carcassonne. This night we choose to play with four expansions.

(Above picture from left to right: Eric Price, Kasidy Olsen, Me, and Sean-Paul O'Neal)
(Lauren Price was the one who capture our memory that night.)

The picture above is our finished board at the end of the game. To the left of the board you can see a massive city that we all helped build. This city made the game competitive and exciting. We all had ownership of the city at one point and were also kicked out of it as well. Kasidy finally closed the city and redeemed 89 points from it. (eeerrr) The game went down hill after that because of that city. All in all it was a fun game night that ended at 3:00 in the morning. (Yes, I know we are crazy.)

In addition to our fun filled evening Kasidy and his girls stayed over. :) Brittany was out of town for the weekend. (We missed you Brittany!) To top off the night poor Lesil woke up sick and was up the rest of the night. Our sleep that night ended up being about an hour. No hard feelings to Kasidy except a little the next day when we were dead tired. It was worth it though we had a blast. Thank goodness Lesil is better now and her virus was nothing serious.

These are the nights you remember!

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