Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How Could This Happen. . .

On the road, Sunday night, after dark, with the kids to take my hubby to the airport. This is never a fun time for us. Sean-Paul leaves a couple times a year for business which, I guess, is not so bad.

Just picture our family as I tell you the story. We are driving in our van, on the free way, in the rain, and after dark. We are running late, which is typical for the O'Neal's, so to make Sean-Paul even more late for his flight the windshield wipers stop working. I don't know if this has ever happened to anyone else but it's one of the scariest things to go wrong while driving on the free way. I never thought water would blind me to the point where I couldn't even see the lines on the road. We pulled over hoping Sean-Paul can easily fix them (maybe something was loose). Five minutes later Sean-Paul is driving with his head out the window and my glove for use as wipers. We were right by the exit for Beck street which made it only a short distance to our friend John's house. I am laughing now because we are safe and who ever drove by us got to see how stupid we looked. I forgot to mention that right before the wipers died Sean-Paul and I were discussing how the windshield wipers on a plane could operate. If you consider how fast planes travel and include the high wind pressure involved going at such a fast speed it seems impossible.

I will not lie and say this experience wasn't scary when it was. We could of easily been in an accident or my hubby could of missed his flight. When things like this happen in my life I always seem to reflect back on the situation. During that time I was praying for everyone to be safe and that Sean-Paul would make his flight.

Slowly we drove the distance to John's house and he quickly took Sean-Paul to the airport. He made his flight with only minutes to spare. John also drove us home and took the van to the shop to have a new windshield motor installed. $$$ was the worst outcome of this experience.

The Lord really watches out for his children. I learned when things happened that we don't have any control over we just need to have a little faith. We are never alone in our situations. They may not go as we planned but we only see the small picture compared to what the Lord sees. I am so grateful to know that there is a God that is always there and takes care of his children the way he sees fit.

The van is in the shop. Sean-Paul is in Idaho for business so I can use his car for the week. I was thinking the whole evening that this couldn't of happened at a more inconvenient time but now I am thinking this happened at a really convenient time.

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